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We are a friendly & experienced team of self employed holistic therapists and workshop facilitators, offering high standard massages, wellbeing treatments, classes and courses 


BESPOKE MASSAGE - 30 min-£35 / 60 min-£50 / 90 min-£70

we design the perfect massage for you drawing upon many different techniques, deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, therapeutic, balancing.... The choice is yours

SPORTS MASSAGE - 30min-£40 /60min-£50 / 90min-£75 /120min-£95

structural correction that goes beyond a luxury for people with reoccurring aches and pains also using myofascial release techniques

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - 30 min-£35 / 60 min-£50   

focuses on the shoulders, arms, neck, face and head, the area’s most vulnerable to stress and tension. Induces a state of inner peace, mental clarity, alertness and concentration. Also promotes hair growth

REFLEXOLOGY - 30 min-£35 / 60 min-£50  

foot massage, there are thousands of nerve endings in our feet which when stimulated rebalances energy, aids relaxation and healing throughout the whole of the body.


luxury chair supports you in a upright position which enables the therapist to lean deeply in to your back you can remain fully clothed or with oil if preferred

SHIATSU MASSAGE - 30 min-£40 / 60 min-£55 / 90 min-£75

balancing body , mind and emotions. The therapist will use rocking, kneading & stretching techniques to warm and relax the muscles and nervous system. Rotations & stretching of the joint areas (shoulders, hips, wrists, ankles, elbows and knees) to create space for them to decompress and keep joints mobile and lubricated. Using pressure points on your body the therapist will balance your internal meridian pathways. Craniosacral therapy technique to relax and strengthen your nervous system. Along side of this the therapist will gently speak a guided relaxation internal body scan personalised to your needs. Switch on your own self healing ability which can help with a wide range of conditions. Please brings or wear loose comfortable clothing no oils are used

 COUPLES MASSAGE - 60 min-£55 / 90 min-£75

same room bespoke massages, relax and share the experience with another

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - 30 min-£40 / 60 min-£55  

firm deep massage pressure to release built up tension trapped in the muscles. You may find the massage more intense and healing rather than soothing

HOT STONE MASSAGE - 60 min-£55  / 90 min-£75 

using smooth heated basalt stones to massage and relax the body, melting tension away


30 min-£30 / 60 min-£45 / 90 min -£65

Tropic products are vegan, organic & cruelty free. They are freshly made in the UK. 30 min facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage and day cream. 60 min facial = cleansing, toning, exfoliation, mask, face massage using serums and day cream. 90 min all of the above plus additional massage time


30 min - £35 (book 4 @ £30 each)  / 60 min - £55 (book 4 @ £50 each) 

targets congested skin, resurfaces and brightens. This three in one machine treatment gives amazing results on a wide range of skin conditions; wrinkles, dull, dehydrated, sun damaged, acne scarring and acne prone skin. Using a controlled method of skin resurfacing by:- 1) thorough exfoliating outer layer of skin 2) moisturising and muscle tone stimulation 3) collagen rejuvenating red and antibacterial blue light therapy

DIVINE DEAL - 60 min - only £45 ( normal price £70)

choose from either a Bespoke or Aromatherapy 30 min massage PLUS a 30 min Facial or Indian Head or Reflexology treatment

KETO COACHING - £20 per hour

specialising in vegetarian & vegan keto your new life begins now with an in depth consultation , menu plan and ongoing support

GIFT VOUCHERS - From £10 up to £150  (valid 4 months)

Each voucher is individually customised with your personal message


We also do onsite treatments

& workshops at places of employment & events


Friendly & supportive atmosphere.

Fair & flexible rates starting at £5 per hour on contract or various hourly rates

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