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 Relax and Renew
Divine Shine is here for you!

Totally new you- Microdermabrasion, Back Massage, Full Body Scrub   
Two hours £99

Relax from head to toe- Indian Head, Hand and Foot Massage
One Hour £40

Double up - Same room Massage 
Forty five minutes £76 for two people

Total cleanse -Backcial and Facial 
One hour £50 

Hand & Feet Treat- Hand and Foot Rejuvenation including Skin Exfoliation  
Seventy minutes £56

Clean as a whistle- Full Body Scrub, Head and Foot Massage 
Seventy five minutes £78

Mega Mix-Microderm Facial, Backcial, Foot Rejuvenate includes Hard Skin Removal 
Two hours £99 

Soul Food for your feet- Footcial, Hard Skin Removal, Reflexology 
Seventy minutes £60


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