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You are Divine
 let your inner light Shine 

We customise our treatments to your needs promoting longevity and calming your mind to help you unwind for improved concentration and focus.
  • Please read terms & conditions before booking which are at the bottom of page 

Bespoke Body Massage - Our most popular massage. Bespoke massage is a unique signature massage tailor made to suit your needs. We like to know what it is you wish to gain from your time with us. Stressed out shoulders need stretching? Lower back needs loosening? Neck needs kneading. We have healing hands ready to help..... 

Indian head massage  - focuses on the shoulders, arms, neck, and head, the area’s most vulnerable to stress and tension. Induces a state of inner peace and tranquillity and promotes high levels of mental clarity, alertness, and concentration. promotes hair growth

Reflexology - using massage and specific trigger points on the feet to stimulate and heal other parts of the body. There are millions of nerve endings in our feet which when skilfully manipulated will bring relief to many unwanted conditions and blockages throughout the body 

Couples / Double Massage -  we do have more than one room so this can be arranged for any treatment with prior notice. We can also do some massages at the same time in the same room

Pregnancy Massage - any of the above massages can be adapted for pregnancy by our specifically trained therapists. Please phone in advance to discuss any contraindications also you must be over 12 weeks 


Thirty minutes _____________________£28
Forty five minutes __________________£38
One hour  ________________________£48
Ninety minutes ____________________£68

Deep Tissue Massage - Beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints) Some of the same strokes are used as classic massage, but the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain  this is a more therapeutic rather than relaxing massage

Thirty minutes ____________________ £38
Forty five minutes _________________ £48

Hot stones - Melt tension away with a hot stone massage using smooth heated basalt stones. One stroke of a hot stone with oil can work up to 10 times deeper than a normal massage. This is the ideal remedy for chronic muscle tension. Oils and  are used to soften and rehydrate the skin

One hour ________________________£58
Ninety minutes ____________________£78
Couch  Shiatsu massage– - great for realignment of the skeletal system,  loosening stiff joints and muscles. The therapist stretches and rotates your limbs and works on the meridian system of the body ( also referred to as acupressure trigger points ) It is a deeply relaxing yet refreshing experience and regular sessions help to prevent stress in our daily lives. Please or wear loose comfortable clothing no oils are used

One hour _______________£55
Ninety minutes ___________£75  

        - complimentary 5 minutes of rest & recuperation time in the therapy room after your treatment.


  • Medical conditions - please mention any you think we should be aware of
  • DO NOT have any massage treatments -  if you are under the influence of  *alcohol/ recreational drugs  * or in the 1st trimester of pregnancy
  • Under 16 yrs -  will need to have a consent form signed by parent/guardian 
  • Cancellation Policy - 24hrs notice otherwise a "no show" fee of 50% is required
  • Prepayment - is sometimes required 
  • Credit cards - 50p charge for this service ( unless you are paying over the phone)

Thank you
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